About the author

Keith J. McCormick has been fighting for normalcy in a life that has been plagued with pain and adversity since the day he was born Enduring multiple surgeries throughout childhood he was no   stranger to the trusted medical community.

In 1996 Keith pursued a career in writing, and was taught the art of comedy writing from James Mendrinos, author of The Complete Idiots Guide To Comedy Writing. It was in February 1998 he became professional through the USA network. He went on to write for several networks, HBO Down Town Productions, Incorrect Inc. As well as writing continuous stand up comedy material for him self and others.

From a young age finding ways to overcome the adversity bestowed upon him, constantly searching for an easier path to normalcy; innocently tripping over something called humor he fell into something that was no laughing matter. Constantly striving to meet the standard of a blue-collar lifestyle. Married and raising two healthy children, while relentlessly fighting the pain of severe scoliosis, a clubfoot, and leg length discrepancy, enduring even more surgeries, at the same time masking his everyday pain with comedy. 

Paralyzed as the result of a medical error and fighting for a life that was statistically deemed inconceivable. It was in 2007 Keith was presented with The Kessler Institute’s Triumph Of The Human Spirit Award! In essence I could not think of a better person to have written this book.



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