Follow the story...a journey of one man who went from a moment of feeling invincible to a decent into the black hole of helplessness.

The story is about greed, corruption, and neglect — but also a love story.

It is a story of triumph and forgiveness.


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  I asked my self, why I wrote this book? Consequently I just had to share this strong story of hope, perseverance, and winning. Coming Forward  Once read you’ll begin to live your life with few boundaries. You’ll experience a newfound feeling of freedom so many have never felt before. You’ll start using the words “I can” and it won’t be long before the words “I can’t,” will never recognize you again. You’ve heard people talk about having this drive and a purpose in life, it’s all between the cover of Coming Forward. 
~ Keith McCormick

Coming Forward is a strong narrative about overcoming adversity. Looking complexity straight in the eye and hearing the words “you can.” Facing obscurity dead on and hearing the words “never give up.” Take these words with you and the words “I can’t,” will never recognize you again.


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